I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions
the only hope i have is the hope that i can fall in love again. hahahahahhaahahah nah let's just finish college and get a job so i could buy a vibrator. nice to talk to you battle royale [Anonymous]

thats a good idea 

and a cat dont forget the cat

i'm that cliche one. nah no no that won't happen. when we were spending time together, getting drunk in karaoke bar, he's drunkenly slur that he won't date me, he won't think of me more than just friend though he said i'm the girl who makes he laugh the harder. being friend is enough for him, yet i'm here want to devour him alive, body and soul. [Anonymous]

YOU NEVER KNOW OKAY you have to have hope like naruto people always said hed never be acknowledged or amount to anything good BUT LOOK AT HIM NOW SAVING THE WORLD WOW

my only crush is my bestfriend who is also the biggest asshole on the planet. every girl like him, but i'm the closest one to him, but just as a friend. and now not so close cause he will go abroad. and he's been chasing a really cute and sexy junior in our school. i'm sad cause i'm the one who's he turns to when he wanna talk about that girl. cliche as fuckkk but it's true. [Anonymous]

yooooo man i feel you i hope you guys become one of those romance movies where the couple starts off as best friends and then turn into something more

I am jealous of everybody who is with you when I’m not with you.
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My crush knows I like him. He's very tough and he knows what he wants to do. He can be unfeeling. But I still like him. It's kind of stupid, but his refusal to love is part of the reason why I find him attractive. [Anonymous]

ooooo plot twist hes a tsun

jk but has he answered you yet gl man rooting for you

if rodney were a horse what would his name be [bribery]


yes goodbye dey